Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)


In recent years, the shipping industry has become the subject of increasing scrutiny as the worldwide community becomes more concerned about global carbon emissions. Studies show that shipping emissions will increase by 75% in the next 15 years as trade grows.


Carbon emissions caused by shipping could be reduced significantly if operational efficiency is improved on a large number of ships. Even a small improvement in operational efficiency across the global fleet can have a significant impact on carbon emissions.

SEEMP will become a mandatory tool from 2013 and training is an essential part of the requirement. Marlins SEEMP Course will guide seafarers and vessel operators on how to reduce energy consumption onboard and implement a SEEMP.

In this course you will cover:

  • the purpose of SEEMP
  • Energy Efficiency Operating Index (EEOI) and Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI)
  • the main energy efficiencies that will be recorded and monitored and how to reduce them
  • reducing energy use and improving efficiency due to machinery, hull and cargo
  • can be tailored to give guidance on your own Company specific SEEMP


An approximate time of 2 hours is required for completion of the course and assessment.

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