Pipeline Inspection


Onboard pipelines play an important part in every ship operation. Pipelines have a number of functions on board the vessel, from conveying cargoes to carrying water and fuel around the vessel. Due to its location, pipework can often be neglected, causing major disruption, time off charter, and costly repairs should it fail.

Pipeline Inspection offers a practical guide on the types of pipework that can be found on board, advice on effective maintenance and suggestions for repairs in the event of pipe failure.

This course on pipeline inspection will:

  • help you understand the importance of pipework on ships and the need for its maintenance
  • explain the types of pipelines and surveys
  • explain the causes and types of pipeline corrosion
  • explain the guidelines for inspecting pipes and the methods of maintenance
  • explain the actions that need to be taken in case of pipe failure.
Price: $50.00