About Us

Marlins was originally established in 1994 to provide English language training solutions for the shipping industry. We work with hundreds of companies worldwide which gives us insight into crewing and training issues in almost every key crew supply country.

We have recently expanded our range of training products and services to provide a range of packages including vocational training courses for seafarers as well as English language assessment and training solutions.

Our team of industry experts and highly experienced trainers work worldwide to provide tailor-made solutions to employers' recruitment and training requirements:

Marlins' ELT products are known and used internationally to assess and develop English language competency levels.

Marlins' CBT products have been adopted fleet-wide by leading ship managers to help train mixed nationality seafarers both on board and on shore.

Through Marlins services, we help clients develop in-house policies to help standardise their assessment and training procedures; we also deliver consultancy and training services to suit client needs.

SeaTec UK Limited is the sole licensee, on a worldwide basis, of the Marlins registered trademark.

Seatec UK Limited is a company incorporated in Scotland with registered number SC106026, trading as 'Marlins' and having its registered office at 1st Floor Skypark, 8 Elliot Place, Glasgow, G3 8EP Email: info@marlins.co.uk.